Monday, November 20, 2017


Welcome To Aria Farm

A desire to produce a convenience food that is nutritious has turned former Aria sheep and beef farmers Erik and Anna Arndt, into food processors of Beef, Lamb and Chicken Strips.

They contain over 97% beef, lamb or chicken with no added colour or preservative, plus they are gluten and allergen free and take only 6 minutes to cook from frozen.

In May 2010 Pams Vege and Chicken and Vege and Beef, a world first, were launched onto the market, this being a combination of vegetables and meat.

Aria Farm is committed to continual development and supply of the best possible product. The combination of new technology and a practical, commonsense approach have seen the development of unique and innovative products processed in a purpose-built licensed facility.

Distribution of products are now available in most New Zealand supermarkets nationwide.

Aria Farm's also produces a range of products available for the food service industry which continues to increase. The range includes free-flow frozen beef, lamb and chicken mince.