Monday, November 20, 2017

About Aria Farm

About Aria Farm

ImageAria Farm was born in Hamilton, New Zealand, in 1997. A farming couple, Erik and Anna Arndt, wanted to produce a healthy, convenience food using beef and lamb.

Aria Farm is committed to continual development and supply of the best possible product.

The combination of new technology and a practical, commonsense approach have seen the development of unique and innovative products processed in a purpose-built licensed facility.

Products are now available in most New Zealand supermarkets:

  • Beef Strips and Lamb Strips - launched in 1999

  • Chicken Strips - launched in 2000

  • Food Service - Aria Farm's range of products available for the food service industry continues to increase. The range includes free-flow frozen mince, a full range of beef, lamb and chicken products. Click here for more info.Image

  • Aria Farm has had a large number of successes for a small company, Click here for more info.