Monday, November 20, 2017

New product launched

Aria Farm have launched the most succulent and tender lamb product onto the market LAMB MEDALLIONS. "Lamb Medallions cook from frozen in 10 minutes, and taste absolutely delicious.  Aria Farm have made a lamb product with 8 per bag that is economical and affordable so families can afford to enjoy NZ lamb.

"With a lot of hard work my team has created a delicious lamb product, at an excellent price for all NZ'ers to enjoy" Says Erik Arndt CEO of Aria Farm

Aria farm has entered into a partnership with another NZ company Women's Weekly, and their Test Kitchen Chef " Robyn Martin to market the new range of Strips and lamb medallions.

" the lamb medallions are your best product yet, we have had them a few times now and they really live up to their description "   

quoted via email from Bernadette Simblett , Hamilton.