Monday, November 20, 2017

NZIFST Food Industry Award for Excellence in Innovation

Aria Farm are pleased to announce

NZIFST Food Industry Award for Excellence in Innovation - Runner-up: Mr Erik Arndt, Aria Farm, Hamilton. Presented at the Claudelands Events Centre in Hamilton June 27th 2012.

The NZIFST Food Industry Excellence Awards focus on HUMAN EXCELLENCE in each of four categories, SERVICE & SUPPLY, ECO-EFFICIENCY, INNOVATION AND LEADERSHIP. The human performance is in line with our Institute being the foremost professional organisation for New Zealand Food Industry People. This focus also allows ready distinction from other food industry awards that focus on outcomes rather than the human factor.

This award acknowledges exceptional individual or group performance that enabled a recent and significant food industry innovation. The awards recognises human excellence in effecting innovation, and not the innovation per se. Examples of qualifying innovations are new-to-the organisation developments in product, technology, business approach, marketing or any other activities that work towards superior delivery of value in a food industry operation.

Mr Erik Arndt, Aria Farm, Hamilton

Erik Arndt is the CEO and a director for the food manufacturing company Aria Farm Ltd which he co-founded with his wife Anna in 1998. In late 2009 and early 2010 Erik spent months researching and developing a new product which combines a similar meat strip to the original Aria Farm strips with vegetables to make a ready-made frozen lamb, beef or chicken stir-fry. The major technical challenge was developing a meat product that would cook quickly from frozen and in the same time as frozen vegetables and retain its crispiness.

Judges’ comments

Mr Arndt led a team that developed a free-flow, frozen, ready-to-cook stir fry product comprising 33%meat and 67% vegetables. This would appear to be a world first. The application shows good evidence of original thinking, market research, resolution of technical challenges, determination and results.