Monday, November 20, 2017

Judged Best Convenience Meal



Per 250g serve: 810kj, 16.3g protein, 7.3g fat, 4.3g saturated fat, 315mg sodium 1kg pack $6.99

The Judges said

"This all in one product is super convenient. A great option to feed a family when you are really in a hurry. Serve with quick rice or couscous.”

The team at Aria Farm are passionate about producing healthy convenience foods, so we are excited to be recognized by Healthy Food Guide for this award in 2011.

How the awards was judged

Healthy Food Guide readers were asked to nominate their top products in all categories. From these nominations we identified the most popular products to be considered for finalist status. We then compared the nominated products to our nutrition criteria in each category. Products which met our criteria were considered finalists and put forward for judging. All awards were judged on a combination of these:

Nutrition profile:

Our nutritionists looked at nutrition information and compared all products with our criteria for the relevant category and compared them to their ‘peers’. Our winners are selected from the ‘best in class.’

Value for money:

We compared prices to decide ‘is it a good-value purchase?’ Our winners aren’t always the cheapest option, but in combination with the other criteria we think they represent good value.


Here’s where we looked for the ‘x-factor’ and asked ‘is it unique, different, special?’ Our winners all display a degree of innovation.


We conducted taste tests with our expert panel and reader groups to answer the question: ‘does it taste great and have wide appeal?’ Our winners all have this in common.