Monday, November 20, 2017

Gluten Free and Allergy Show a Success.

The Gluten and Allergy show held in Auckland over the weekend was excellent. There was an abundance of food stands demonstrating and selling all manner of foods, both sweet and savoury. Foods such as pretzels, savoury pies, sausage rolls, breads, cake mixes, organic meat and veg, and even beer. With all the nibbles and tastings I had as I wandered round meant lunch wasn't needed until about 3pm.
There are so many cottage industry companies creating lovely food and drinks for people with allergies, it really surprised me. With the awareness growing, that can only mean success for them. The seminars were very informative too. The first one I sat through was Erik from Aria farm. He was a farmer from over 20 years and then went into food processing, with a plant in Hamilton. His daughter is gluten intolerant and he was dairy, but he made the most delicious lamb, basil and mint strips. I have never tried Aria Farm frozen meats before, but I will definitely be getting some. His daughter Heidi talked about what she took to school for lunch, such as sushi made with the strips, and chicken strips with avocado on toast. They are available
from your normal food outlet in the freezer department. Very easy to use indeed as they are frozen free flow.

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