Friday, November 24, 2017

Easy Stir Fried Aria Farm Chicken Strips

Peel and chop onion, slice carrots and cabbage. Heat a fry pan to hot and stir fry Aria Farm Chicken Strips (about 6 minutes). Remove from pan.

Add onion and carrots to pan, cook for 5 minutes, add cabbage, frozen peas and ΒΌ c boiling water, cook for another 5 minutes.

Place Maggi 2 Minute Noodles in a bowl and pour over boiling water, leave to stand for a few minutes then drain.

Add noodles and chicken to pan containing vegetables, heat through.

Tasty Tips:

For extra flavour, add a squeeze of lemon and a squirt of sweet chilli or hoisin sauce. Add seasonal vegetables: capsicum, spring onions, broccoli, mushrooms, bean sprouts, courgettes, green beans, cauliflower.